St. Margaret Catholic Church, Katy, TX

Ordinariate clergy and spouses gather at Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine in Belleville, IL, In October 2014, for our annual Fall assembly.

Saint Margaret of Scotland (1045-1093) was an English princess of the House of Wessex.  She is sometimes called the "Pearl of Scotland."  Born in exile in Hungary, she was the sister of Edgar AEtheling, the short-ruling and uncrowned Anglo-Saxon King of England. She was the great-niece of English King St. Edward the Confessor. She fled to Scotland following the Norman conquest of England in 1066.  She married King Malcolm III of Scotland in 1070, becoming his queen consort.  They had eight children, six sons and two daughters.  Three of her sons became kings of Scotland, and her daughter Edith (1080-1118) married King Henry I of England and became his queen consort.

St. Margaret was deeply spiritual, and rose every morning to take care of the poor.  She brought a civilizing influence to Scotland, and helped bring the Church into line with the continental (Roman) practices of the faith.  She was canonized by Pope Innocent IV in 1250, in recognition of her holiness, fidelity to the Church, and love for the poor.  Her feast day is November 16.